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10-Week Study Guide

Organized into two five-week semesters, Leadership Live features online and print lesson plans, as well as live and pre-recorded content (including a Sunday Night Livestream and Your Daily Disrupt). The first semester focuses on teaching your students how to lead as a group, setting a positive tone and ambitious goals for the school year. Your class will focus on how to lead; campus events; student and staff engagement; team dynamics; and how to find your students’ leadership role in your class, school and community.

The second semester goes even deeper to really define what type of leaders your students are based on their unique sets of skills and abilities. Mike will show your students how to adopt the mentality of a leader and will challenge them to lead as individuals. The goal: helping your students unlock — and unleash — what makes them a unique, powerful leader.

Sunday Night Livestream

Every Sunday night during Leadership Live, Mike will host a livestreaming show, with an audience of you and your students. You’ll have the chance to interact, ask questions and even be featured on the show as Mike teaches your class through real-life examples, challenges and best practices for what it takes to authentically lead, inspire and engage your student body.

The show will feature students and guest leaders from around the world who will offer ideas, tips and lessons that your leadership class can apply to your school. This is an intimate opportunity to hear Mike’s thoughts and advice learned from 10+ years of working with youth, schools, non-profit and for-profit businesses.

The Sunday Night Livestream will set the tone for the following week’s lessons, but don’t worry if you miss the live show as it will arrive in your inbox right after airing on Sunday night!


October 7, 14, 21, 28, and November 4


February 10, 17, 24, March 3, and 10

Your Daily Disrupt

Mike believes anyone can become a leader. Whether they’ve been wishing, talking, following, or influencing, your students have what it takes to become a leader. They just have to make the decision to do it — not just once, but every day.

Every morning during the Leadership Live course, each of your students will wake to a text or email directly from Mike offering a challenge, motivation or reminder of how to focus their energy that day. In addition to reinforcing your students’ connection to the 10-week study guide, these little reminders will help them establish good habits as leaders in their everyday life.