The Mission

Through his disruptive, nationwide school assembly tours; his raw, honest, challenging book (Legacy vs. Likes); and his Find Your Grind career-exposing platform; Mike Smith has built his legacy on daring — and showing — students how to stop talking and start actually doing the things they say they’re passionate about.

With the goal to help even more students actually realize their leadership potential, Mike and Leadership Live become your personal teaching resource for 10 weeks as your students embark on a journey of escalating intensity, fulfillment and campus impact.

Leadership Live is your opportunity to partner with one of the world’s foremost youth leadership coaches to achieve a deeper, sustained impact on your leadership class — and, in turn, multiply their positive influence on your campus.

Leadership Live makes Mike your virtual teaching partner through a 10-week class, featuring: a ready-made study guide; pre-recorded video content; a weekly, interactive livestream; and a daily text or email challenge or motivation direct from Mike to each of your students. (Expect a few other surprises, as well.)

Spark passions. Reignite yourself. And load your sleeves with tricks and best practices to engage, inspire and activate your leadership classroom.

About Mike Smith

Mike grew up in a small, rural, farm town in western Nebraska where his love of skateboarding, music and art made him a bit of a misfit. But unfortunately, his town was more than three hours away from the closest skatepark, concert venue, or arts space. Growing up where kids lacked these kinds of alternative outlets, Mike was always drawn to the idea of creating a place that impacted kids’ lives.

Fast forward to today and Mike is the Co-Founder of the non-profit Rabble Mill that’s working to end generational poverty, one young person at a time, by empowering kids to discover their passion and build their talent through those very things he grew up loving: skateboarding, music and art.

Rabble Mill’s programs include: The Bay, a 30,000-square-foot warehouse in Lincoln, Nebraska, that’s home to a skatepark, coffee bar, all-ages concert venue and an art collective that does life-changing outreach work for kids and families; and Skate for Change, a global network of skaters (with around 80 chapters) dedicated to empowering youth to use their skateboards to better their communities.

Outside of his non-profit work, Mike and his friends have launched a career education platform called Find Your Grind (FYG) that exposes and educates students and teachers to emerging career possibilities. Mike firmly believes that we need to stop asking kids what they want to be and start showing them the possibilities of who they can be. FYG aims to do just that.

Mike is also: a brand ambassador; host of an online show for schools (The Harbor by Jostens); an author (see Legacy vs. Likes); and a renowned youth, college, and corporate speaker who’s been featured in national media outlets like Forbes, BuzzFeed and Thrive Global.